Role: Animation Director | 2D & 3D Animations | Compositing

Le Cube gave me as a farewell gift the opportunity to work as an Animation Director on a series of videos for Naranja, one of the biggest Credit Card issuer in Argentina, working closely together with our dear friends from Hueso.
One of my responsibilities as an Animation Director was to came up with Animatics for all the cel/character-related stuff.
This way we could get a sense of the overall timing, get client approval and send it to the animators to work based on it
Animatic, Motion Graphics and Compositing: Jardeson Rocha 
Other thing I had to do was to get started on the motion graphics part for those spots so we could handle it to the animators.
This way they could have a good head start and a general direction of what we wanted those pieces to look like.
Here are some examples and Behind The Scenes:
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