Role: Character Animation | 2D Animation

TOGETHER TO END MALE GUARDIANSHIP is an online animated awareness campaign, part of Human Rights Watch‘s report Boxed In: Women and Saudi Arabia’s Male Guardianship System. The report examines in detail the formal and informal barriers women in Saudi Arabia face when attempting to make decisions or take action without the presence or consent of a male relative. These restrictions last from birth until death, as women are, in the view of the Saudi state, permanent legal minors.
ANIMADOCS was commissioned by Human Rights Watch to create three short animations, based on three real-life situations: 
A domestic violence assault case where the male guardian is also the abusive husband; an adult women/widow asking permission from her son to travel abroad; and a minor woman who needs a guardian permission to leave prison;
The animated shorts were released via HRW’s social media channels and generated over one million views during the first day of their release.
Director/Producer: Maria Stanisheva
Art Direction/Illustrations: Rositsa Raleva
Animation: Andrew Embury, Jardeson Rocha and Robert Anderson
Composer: Tim Bright
Commissioning Producer HRW: Janna Kyllästinen
Executive Commissioning Producer HRW: Pierre Bairin

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