Role: Cel Animation | Character Animation | Motion Graphics | Compositing

I was a good boy in 2017 and Santa gave me a beautiful job as a gift.
I was part of the team of animators Le Cube brought together to make 9 animated Xmas Cards for Coke Brazil.
I was responsible for all Motion Graphics and Compositing for all the 9 spots but, in this particular one, I got my hands on Frame by Frame Animation too (for the first time in a real job for a real client) and I got to animate the first 2 shots.
Here's a little breakdown on how I did it. You can click on each one to see it bigger.
1. Rough Animation | 2. 3D Brush Animation​​​​​​​
3. Clean Up and Color | 4. Final Comp
Client: Coke Brazil
Agency: J.Walter Thompson
Animation Studio: Le Cube
Creative Director: Ralph Karam
Executive Producers: Gustavo Karam e Juan Manuel Freire
Producer: Larissa Miranda
Design: Santiago Oddis
Illustration: Santiago Oddis e Matheus Muniz
Storyboard/Animatic: Mariano Russo
Animation: Jardeson Rocha, Bruno Brasil, Sergio Kechu
Compositing: Jardeson Rocha
Music and SFX: Cachorro Loco
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