Hi! I'm Jardeson Rocha, also known as Jajá, or just Jar
I'm a Brazilian Motion Designer and Animator based in São Paulo, Brazil.

I have a Graphic Design degree but my real love is Animation. Specially 2D. Cel, AE or fake a 2D look in 3D.

I've been working in the industry around 8 years now and I've had the pleasure to do so with studios like Oddfellows, Giant Ant, OrdinaryFolk, Buck, Le Cube; brands like Apple, Google, Facebook, Coke, McDonald's, Adobe and some of the works I've been part of has been featured on The New York Times, Motionographer, Wine After Coffee and Ice Cream Hater to name a few.​​​​​​​

If you want to share a project or just say hi, don't hesitate! Send me a message at hola@jardeson.com or bellow
I can't wait to hear from you! I'm all about making cool work and new friends. :D
Thanks! Gracias! Brigadão!
Thanks for Stoping by!

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